When clouds of fear

shadowed my little mind

your strong arms

clasped me near


When doubt in self

loomed over my head

your faith in me

was a shade in sun


When I tripped on my path

I found you standing

with your words of wisdom

to light the dusk


When draped in gloom

You taught me how to smile

When adrift from goal

You walked with me each mile



My heart can now trust

my mind has a vision

in a world of penumbra

I am self-possessed


Your little princess

mellowed along the way

your sagacity as inheritance

she’s set to conquer the world!




dVerse Poetics has given the prompt “shade” today. The challenge is to use the word “shade” as well as some of its synonyms. I tried to use one synonym in each stanza (bold and italicized) except the last one.