A closet flooded with shoes

an obsession a woman ensues

red, white, golden and blue

black and pink in all its hue


adding a tad of perfection

a silhouette for each occasion

beach flip flops

to winter shoes

leather, rubber

or PU shoes


from ankle straps

to ballet flats

from sandals and mules

to sneakers and cools

all lined up

waiting to be picked up

still she wants stilettos

as they far differ from

wedges and peep toes


cinderella shoes


and don’t miss out her glass shoes

for a special occasion she will choose

to feel like Cinderella

who’s about to grace Prince’s villa


her taste of shoe selection

reveals her persona reflection

she isn’t dressed to precision

if her shoes don’t mark an impression!


This post is linked to dVerse Poetics where Kim wants us to write about shoes. What an interesting prompt! I’m sure all women here will agree to my version here 🙂 Do share your views.