Recently, a very disgraceful and heinous crime has been committed in my vicinity wherein a young seven-year-old boy was brutally murdered inside school premises. The incident has sent shock waves across the country. Since, I have two kids of the same age, I have been quite disturbed and somehow I am just not able to get over this awful incident.

This poem is dedicated to the little boy who lost his life at the hands of a monstrous human. May justice prevail and the guilty get the severest punishment that he deserves.

My heart goes out for his parents who are mourning his death. May God give them strength to overcome their pain at this difficult time!



Secured by firm grip of my dad’s finger

Gossiping and singing with my adorable sister

Giggling and leaping as I always do

I happily walked my way to the school



Waving dad goodbye, we entered the school

Alike my sister, I went to my classroom

I got rid of my bag, as soon as I could

To answer nature’s call, I dashed to restroom



Oblivious of my destiny or my bad luck

An evil awaited with a knife he had snuck

Maneuvering me in no time as I was a poor duck

Without reluctance, he brutally slit my neck



Aghast and appalled, I fell to the ground

I tried yelling for my mother, but I had lost my sound

Helplessly I struggled for some help

With no chance to yelp, I lay in a pool of blood



Moments of glee were now memories of past

Within a few minutes, I breathed my last

An innocent child, an enthusiast

Did I deserve to die so fast?



What was my fault to get slain on the safest path?

Why I was the victim of a monster’s wrath?

Was I accountable for the state of this psychopath?

How was an angelic kid detrimental to his life on earth?



What mindset evokes such atrocious crimes?

What pleasure they derive from a child’s cries?

Why did I pay the price for his horrendous act?

Will my parents ever recover from the ghastly impact?



Is it irrational to ask for an unscathed earth?

Is it outrageous to dream of an amiable world?

Is patience and forbearance a thing of past?

In such abysmal air, how long will this society last?