Traversing the deserted memory lane

treasuring glimpses of my childhood

reminiscing shades of myself

a sudden realization shuddered me

I forgot to live



An immature amenable child

I followed the path led by adults

teenage soon followed

glistening with all its colors


convoluted adolescence succumbed

to anxiety and dominance of peers

emulation entranced the brain

with cocktail of hormones defying all restraints

I did not live the teen I dreamt



How elated I was the day I grew into an adult

autonomy and liberty being nutrient of this cult


the days of this era soon resembled a hurricane

indecision and uncertainty befell its domain

life was fraught with struggles of career

years exhausted in distress and fear

I did not live the adult I dreamt




Love and marriage walked hand in hand

what a bliss to have the one who understands


seeds of trust and care bore fruits unplanned

obligations and expectations competed to command

responsibilities always crowned the list offhand

time was a deficit item, inaccessible underhand

I did not live the life I dreamt



How many roles we play in one life

how many lives we touch in one life

how many lives we gratify in one life


we forget to assuage our desires in our life

we forget to touch our souls in our life

we forget to gratify ourselves in our life

we forget to live for ourselves in one life