Bjorn is hosting the dVerse today.  He was inspired by the “ he book of Questions” by Pablo Neruda, to give us a prompt to write poems consisting only of questions. We should leave the answer to the reader. We can write a poem consisting of a single question or many. We can fill our questions with meaning or we can make them abstract. They can be closed or open questions.

I must admit that it’s an interesting prompt as our minds are constantly filled with questions while writing. Here’s my take at the prompt. I’ll soon come back with another one on this 🙂


Can you discern the anguish of a caged bird?

Will we ever liberate ourselves to be a free bird?



What made Socrates believe in his beliefs?

Will we ever comprehend to trust ourselves?



What orchestrated Helen Keller’s victory over disabilities?

Will we ever acknowledge the vigor of hope and optimism?



What made Nelson Mandela confront the unjust?

Will we ever raise our voice against prejudice in this world?



Why did Mother Teresa devote herself to service?

Will we ever perceive benevolence as God’s love?



What preserved Gandhi’s faith in non-violence?

Will we ever deem perseverance catalyst for success?



What made young Malala fight for human rights?

Will we ever be intrepid to stand for ourselves?