This is my second take on the prompt given by dVerse. The prompt was so intriguing that I couldn’t resist sharing all the questions that keep bothering me from time to time.

Bjorn hosted the dVerse on Tuesday.  He was inspired by the “ he book of Questions” by Pablo Neruda, to give us a prompt to write poems consisting only of questions. We should leave the answer to the reader. We can write a poem consisting of a single question or many. We can fill our questions with meaning or we can make them abstract. They can be closed or open questions. 


Why do flowers wither with time?

Why can’t I hold time for a dime?


Why can’t I go back to mend my past?

Why can’t I undo the damage of the blast?


Why can’t I be that little girl again?

Why can’t I live without restraints?


Why can’t I take a tour to moon and stars?

Why can’t I drive the F1 car?


Why can’t I know the truth in one’s heart?

Why all our loved ones have to depart?


Why can’t I accomplish all my dreams?

Why should we peruse all our routines?


Why waves come ashore if they have to retract?

Why flood hits some while others suffer drought?


Why can’t God grant just everyone’s wish?

Why only a chosen few are gifted the bliss?