Lillian is hosting Tuesday Poetics at dVerse. For today’s prompt, she wants us to walk into our kitchen and open our refrigerator. Pick something specific that resides in, or on the outside of the refrigerator. Let that be the inspiration for our poem and write about the item or about the refrigerator or let our imagination use the object as a jumping off place. Let’s all chill out with my take on it!


Oh! here she comes today

to wipe and clear my trays

with power turned off

and a cloth as big as mop

she pulls a chair close to me

I respire as she peeks queerly



milk and cheese, butter and cream

all smell good as she tries to lean

cranberries and raspberries

blackberries and blueberries

still get a life on shelf

she’s stocked these as wealth



chicken and salmon from weekend feast

and that lasagna too that’s neatly sheathed

are layered with fungus relishing treat

but its stale smell now makes me shriek



empty cans and bottles with no pizza in boxes

Hershey’s chocolate syrup also turned toxic

broccoli, lettuce mushrooms in Tupperware boxes

garnished with mold and algae making these obnoxious



Oh please my dear lady, my kind and lovely lady

can you cleanse and sanitize my body?

can you remove all the expired stacks?

can you help me breathe and come back?