Mish is hosting dVerse Poetics today. For today’s prompt, she’d like us to focus on metaphorical masks, or psychological masks, so to speak. Here’s my take at it:


Hey you!

Yes! I am talking to you

Not the one who’s smiling at my disgracing cue

But the real “You


The “You” behind the mask

Who’s cursing me in his heart

Who wants to thrash me at my mockery

Who abhors me but’s trapped in a quandary


You” who’s masking his true feeling

In lieu of daring to explore its meaning

How long can you charade a humility mask

If greeting too (other than for a pic) seems a task


The mask of ersatz glee that you adorn in pain

When the real “You” aspires to flee the rein

The mask of complacency that you don to refrain

When the real “You” craves for championship of domain


Hey You! Have you ever tried to unmask yourself

I suggest you meet your real self

Is it for others that you mask your identity

Or are you afraid to evince your verity!