Toni is hosting Haibun Mondays at dVerse. She wants us to write about our plans for our writing in a haibun.


Writing is therapeutic for me. It pulls me out of the clutches of darkness where I wander inadvertently when Iโ€™m feeling dejected and miserable. Writing is a tool for introspection for me. It helps to justify my existence to self. Writing is a beacon that shows me direction when I drift away from my objective. Writing emerged as an unidentified savior when I was struggling to harness my identified abilities.


I have spent last one year exploring the right side of my brain, in an effort to assure myself that I am a writer too. I now plan to improve my writing skills by working on new poetic forms as well as prose especially fiction. I also plan to bring out an E-book of my selected poems. I wish to start working on my book too, which has been occupying a tiny corner in my brain for a long time. I have enrolled for the Life Coach program that shall, hopefully, assist me in putting my plans to action.


life is a puzzle

learning disguised as failure

game of perception