Today is the first day of the last month of the year.

It’s time to do some assessment 🙂

Let’s assess where we stand on our plans.

Let’s assess where we stand our resolutions and commitments.

But while doing so, let’s not be a critic of our actions.

Let’s not forget to count our blessings

Let’s not overlook little traces of smiles while hunting for landmarks of happiness.



I awaited moon when sun was shining bright

I longed for sun when darkness filled the night



I desired for cool breeze on sunny days

I yearned for heat and warmth on cold winter days



How I wished to be an adult in my childhood

now I miss my childhood when I am grown up



I prayed to be engrossed in my leisure time

now I long to be free when my day is planned to dime



Our wait is endless; our desires never cease

in this chase of aspirations, we squander our peace



We fail to value our treasures

and forget to be grateful for pleasures



We dream of a great future day

but we forget to live today


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