Christmas is a time for celebration and vacation. It’s also an opportunity for spending more time with family and bonding with them.

We all look forward to such occasions, don’t we?

This is also the time when we take a break from our routine and our mind is free from the burden of mundane thereby leaving some scope for critical decision making at this time.

I would like to suggest taking some time to walk on the reflective trail.

It’s crucial to assess your beliefs and behaviors from time to time. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Take a stock of all your accomplishments in the year gone by and don’t forget to take pride in your feats!


  • At the same time, you must also identify the actions that left your mind incapacitated. May be it’s time to upgrade some skills.


  • Challenge your beliefs against those events where you found yourself trapped. It will help you ascertain the best way forward in future.


  • Examine the behaviors that made your heart sour. Extract some learning so that you don’t feel victimized again.


  • It may not be a bad idea to seek suggestions or assistance from friends and family in your journey of discovery and development. Who can understand you better than your family, isn’t it?

Self-discovery is a never-ending process. It’s a long road ahead but the journey can become interesting when you have someone to discuss and share with, even if for a short while.

Merry Christmas and Happy Introspecting!