Do our beliefs shape our experiences


Do our experiences amass to form our belief?


It is proclaimed by many thought leaders that what we experience is the result of our thoughts and our beliefs.


Let me elucidate.


So, if I believe that I always get late on Monday mornings, then no matter what, I will get late on Monday morning.


Are you asking why?


Well, if you hold a belief in your mind then all your mental faculties are focused at corroborating your belief!




Your mind acts to uncover reasons to get you delayed! It might even trick you by engaging you in unimportant or futile tasks.


And thus, it upholds your belief!


It’s only when you accept the challenge that I’ve to prove myself wrong and you consciously do some effort that you’ll be able to defy the belief. Do you agree?


This was just a small example. But imagine what happens when we hold strong and rigid beliefs about others and ourselves in our lives.

Quotes_negative thoughts


If a person holds a belief that no one loves him, then he creates a protective armor around himself that prohibits anyone who tries to enter his arena. This armor could be his rude behavior, his anger, his irritability and even his lack of appreciation, care, understanding or empathy; that forces the other person to distance from the guy.


In other words, our thoughts affect the reality via our actions as actions are again determined by our thoughts or beliefs.


So, let us create a beautiful reality, a spectacular life by aboding good thoughts in our mind.