A very Happy, Blessed and Blissful New Year to all my fellow bloggers!

2017 was a year of self-discovery for me.

I questioned the purpose of my existence and the meaning of life. Not that I got all the answers but I learned to live above my failures and regrets in life. I learned the power of self-belief and also the fact that you are the driver of your own destiny. I’m not sure how long and how far I’ll be able to follow my learning but I will certainly try to be low on expectations and try to walk on the path that I’ve discovered for myself. I pray to God to guide and support me at all the times, the way He always does.

Here’s my New Year wish for you:


A year enriched with blessings

A year to effectuate objectives

A year full of surprises

A year with no compromises

A year that instills strength

A year focused on health

A year that answers all prayers

A year with cares and no tears

That’s my New Year prayer for you

That’s a year I wish for you

Wish you a blessed New Year 2018!