Adrift in the scuffles and clasps of life

I wondered if the end of tunnel had any light

My mind failed the chase with no hope of embrace

But I trusted it was just a bend as I had the treasure of friends



For a friend makes you smile when the world awaits to wile

For a friend inspires when the world conspires

For a friend motivates when the world intimidates

For a friend always believes, you may fail or achieve



We advance in life flowing with the tide

Do we remember the friends who helped us glide?

We make new friends in our own stride

What about the old pal who was my pride?



We shared our secrets, the moments we lied

Where is that connect now, why this divide?

The friend who shouldered, I sighed or cried

Is he expecting me in his hour mystified?



Friends dare for you with all their might

Friends live in heart no matter out of sight

Old friends are memories that hold you tight

Old friends are rare gems that brighten our lives!