A pest that feasts on your peace

Worry is a crippling disease

Stripping you of your strength

It drains energy like slow poison




It has the power to impair your future

It has the tenacity to ruin your dreams

It works to estrange you from focus

It confiscates your buoyancy to succeed




Your worries trigger frustration

Your fears are the source of depression

Your qualms weaken your roots of belief

Your anxieties coerce you to recede




Worrying doesn’t alter the outcome

Distress intensifies the confusion

Maintain your calm and uphold your forbearance

Radical solutions are discerned when fearless




Take a leap of faith and count your blessings

Challenge all challenges and face your fears

Behold your belief in yourself and the Lord

Each life has a purpose on His magnificent Earth

©Vandana Bhasin