The challenge of NaPoWriMo today is to write a poem in which something big and something small come together.

Here’s what I came up with. I’ll reveal my metaphors for big and small in the end, while I’m sure you’ll be able to guess by then 🙂


                                                           Poem: Someone in Love


When you spot someone

smiling without reason…

When you can see him

lost in thoughts


When you hear his giggles

With none around…

And a sparkle in his eyes

Like a pole star


When you call him out

Umpteen times

But he’s lost

In his own sweet world


When the world ceases

to exist for him

And your presence

Is inconsequential


When you spot such a man

Oh dear! Please be humane

When you spot such a man

Oh dear! Please be keen to aid


Are you wondering

If he’s someone in love?

Oh Yes! He’s madly in love

Oh! He’s obsessed with his true love!


Oh dear! Please escort him to his home

For he’s lost in his love for his PHONE

As one among them is my hubby

And I’m waiting for him to disown his PHONE!


©Vandana Bhasin

This poem is inspired by my husband who is always busy on phone, like most of the people in this gadget world these days 🙂 I have used “Man” to represent “big” thing and “phone” signifies “small” thing though it becomes larger than life all the time!