The challenge today is to write a poem of simultaneity – in which multiple things are happing at once.

I have penned down my thoughts around multiple things that make up a morning. Here’s my take at it.


A walking trail in wee hours of morning

Is rife with moments charming

When sun dawns newfangled hope

Coercing miseries to gently erode



All birds are fluttering by

And trees are swaying “hi”

The cuckooing sounds musical

Each breath is acoustical



Some monkeys are hopping on trees

And squirrels are running with peas

How fascinating are vibrant butterflies

So teeny yet willing to reach skies



Look at joggers who seize the trail

From young and old to healthy and frail

Children sprint for their school buses

Some cheerful and some sluggish



Some religious folks preparing for temple

With flowers, sweets and faith elemental

Some are rushing for basic groceries

To marts, stores and bakeries



You can spot few men fervent

Groomed for office to beat the current

One day beholds infinite moments

For each one, it creates special facets


©Vandana Bhasin