The NaPoWriMo prompt for the day asks us to write a poem that prominently features the idea of play. It could be a poem about a sport or game, a poem about people who play (or are playing a game), or even a poem in the form of the rules for a sport or game that you’ve just made up (sort of like Calvinball).

Here are my two cents on this:


                                                       Poem: The Game of Life


Let’s play the game of life

In the arena of this world

Where each player has one life

But you can make your rules yourself



Let’s learn our lessons from legends

Who have played with sportsmanship

Let’s acquire some of their qualities

Let’s learn some leadership



Steadiness and endurance

Are the virtues of Roger Federer

Determination and diversity

Dwayne Johnson teaches us



Speed, agility and vision

Are the mascots of Lionel Messi

While persistence and self-motivation

Is talisman of Serena Williams



The fastest man on Earth

Usain Bolt insists “Never Give up”

Leadership, team management and commitment

Are Virat Kohli’s success secrets



“There is no one that can share your responsibility”

Words of intellect from Gary Kasparov

So don’t look around for direction

Just remember to hold your spirits up



This game of life is fun

A maze for few

A challenge for others

An opportunity for some



It’s contingent on the rules

That you apply for your attitude

We all have just one life

And we all can be the winners!


©Vandana Bhasin