A solitary reaper in the cage of life

I was frantically foraging my identity

You appeared adoringly to avow your love

And I discerned you were the true purpose of my life




O dear! I was the princess of your empire

And I adorned that identity with glee and pride

Until you determined you had a purpose of your own

And moved on uncaring for me or my life




I am standing forlorn at crossroad for days

Confounded and traumatized since we parted ways

Where do I commence to assemble the shattered pieces

When I don’t even comprehend my identity or drive




You robbed my trust, my belief and my strength

Why did I value you more than myself

I was happy as a solitary reaper caged and agonized

When I had the grit and courage to face adversities of life




But don’t worry! This solitude too has blessed me insights

This loneliness appears dark but I’ll continue chasing light

This isolation is the source of my vigor and liberation

This solitude accompanies me in this society of expectations


©Vandana Bhasin