Today,  the challenge is to write a poem that incorporates homophones, homographs, and homonyms, or otherwise makes productive use of English’s ridiculously complex spelling rules and opportunities for mis-hearings and mis-readings.

Here’s my take using some homophones and homonyms. Not my best effort but hope I’ve done justice to the prompt 🙂


The incongruent language


The incongruity of language appalls me sometimes

Appalled or enthralled, I’m still to opine


‘Good mourning mom!’ shouted my son

‘Shh…it’s morning my dear! We moan only when your Grandma is here.’


‘Honey, can you quickly get me some flour?’

And I rose to a bunch of rose flower


‘Let’s have some parity of work in the house’

And a parody of my words, my family had found


‘I wonder about your genes,’ I snapped angrily

But to my wonder, she was staring at her jeans


Minnie’s voice is so hoarse,’ as soon as I commented

‘You mean she neighs like a horse?’ my daughter enquired innocently


‘Oh what happened to your hare,’ she asked with a concern

And my hand went up to my hair to check my stylish bun


I urged my younger one, ‘Can I have some peace?’

The poor fellow handed me his own cake piece


So it has led me to believe, ‘led’ as in to lead and not the metal ‘lead’

That to be fair there’s no fare if we write or write off English


And I can beat about the bush or get beaten by the push

But the faze of the learning phase, will stay long, it looks!



                                                                        ©Vandana Bhasin


Picture Courtesy: Google