NaPoWriMo prompt for today is to write a abecedarian poem. When my 11 year old son heard me say this, he snatched my laptop from me and penned this below poem in about 30 minutes. I couldn’t stop myself from posting it. 

I didn’t edit or make any corrections, as I wanted to respect his creativity 🙂


The Sky Takes Over


Alas, the day is over

But the night takes over

Catching stars was always my dream

‘Dreams can come true,’ my mother used to say

Even though I know it’s impossible

Fate always helps me

Games, I never used to be good at

However, I always wanted to do the impossible

If I had the courage to do it, I could

Just believing in myself ,could give me a headstart

Kenny, my friend, went to Mars and came back

‘Lame,’ he said, I was, if I let this offer go

Money wasn’t the matter as my parents were rich

Now I can say either yes or no

‘Off to outer space,’ the best poem I ever read

Peeking, from there, is a problem, just to clear

Quartz clocks, I won’t need, as there is no time in space

Rise of the sun and the moon won’t be visible

Saying this sentence, just feels weird

Toughness, courage and loyalty are the qualities I need

Ultra violet rays of the sun won’t be a problem

‘Vikhyat*’, my name will in the newspaper

World goodbye to you

Xian in china was still visible

Yeah,my dream came true

Zenith, just staring at it, I imagined everything!


* Vikhyat, is my son’s name which means ‘famous’

Vikhyat Bhasin