Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that engages with another art form – it might be about a friend of yours who paints or sculpts, your high school struggles with learning to play the French horn, or a wonderful painting, film, or piece of music you’ve experienced – anything is in bounds here, so long as it uses the poem to express something about another form of art.

I had a long day today so couldn’t write much, despite the fact that Jagjit Singh is my favourite singer. Hope the below poem conveys my regards for the great singer.


Enlivening music

An enigmatic melody in his soulful voice

Never failed to fill the air with love

The emotions his words evoked

The impact of music composed

The way his voice connected

With millions on earth

Comfort to broken hearts offered his melodies

The mysteries of life, resolved his melodies

The magic of his voice, the intensity of his ghazals

The mesmerizing effect, enthralled everyone

His ghazals defined music, provided new extents

I grew up listening to the great ‘Ghazal King’

Those titles are special, to me in several ways

Myriad memories evoke, his lyrical verses

Jagjit Singh, a name, a voice that echoes in many hearts

A life that’s alive after years of parting

                                                     ©Vandana Bhasin