Today I’d like to challenge you to try your hand at a meta-poem of your own- which are poems about poems.


Sculpting poetry

Poetry is a science; poetry is an art

Poetry is passion; a form of meditation

A poem isn’t some words, awaiting to be explored

For a poem to born, it needs inspiration

Words look for a stimulus, everywhere around-

morning sun, daily errands or rainfall,

some piece of news, politics or a book

Memories dear to heart or intricacies of life

In the cocoon of silence,

my mind attempts to listen to the voices in my head

deciphering the words, sheathed by sub conscious

emotions supplementing gaps, to bring verses to life

The lyrics of my heart, you read as my poems-

like a canvas painted with varied hues,

my poems glisten with colors of my reflections,

my feelings provide contrast and contour

Into a magical world, poetry takes me,

where I weave dreams through words

with fairies of rhymes and forms

with angels of syllables

I often read my words and left to ponder-

do verses touch the heart


the heart prompts the verses

                                                     ©Vandana Bhasin