Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that meditates, from a position of tranquility, on an emotion you have felt powerfully. 


A long wait…


I’ve been searching for you,

Since my youth-

With a yearning in my eyes


Like a part of me, misplaced

Like I’m incomplete without you

Like everything is meaningless; until you, I find


You come into my life at intervals

Only to desert me, within a short time;

I am again lifeless.


I try to gather myself

With whatever I have around

I succeed; only momentarily


I grew with this belief

Engrained into my mind

That you are a visitor


But my heart;

It always believed, you are mine;

Awaiting your return, patiently and rightfully


I heard someone say

“In every corner, you are found,”

Really? I was bemused


You don’t appease those who wait,” they said

“You like to be chased”

But I never learnt to run after you


Is that why, I pined to meet you?

Is that why, I noticed others dating you?

Is that why, you never fantasized me; I’m yet to surmise


I value you too much, to just let you go away

You complete me in every sense

You make this life worthwhile


So, I’ve decided to follow others’ advice

I’ll hunt you now in every nook and corner

I’ll look for your traces in every little thing


Hey happiness!

I’ll chase you till my last breath

You were always around me, I’ve realized


                                                ©Vandana Bhasin