I joined the WordPress community about three and a half years ago, in Jan’2016.

What started as an uncharted journey, soon turned into passion with enriching experiences and learning each day.

Writing brings you so close to yourself and the emotions of the people around you, that you find your mind scouring for words all the time. And reading the posts of other bloggers not only magnifies your learning but also becomes a source of inspiration for you.

I too was the recipient of such inspiration. Motivated by fellow bloggers and friends, I am now ready to get my work published!

I was fortunate to have crossed paths with another like-minded wordsmith, Smitha Vishwanath, who has an interesting blog titled ‘What life said to me.’

We worked together to present to our readers, a bouquet of our poems and what better title could it have, than ‘Roads- A Journey with Verses.’

Roads’ is our dream that we have nurtured with love and moral values.

Based on the nine virtues that drive our lives, ‘Roads’ is a collection of 60 poems that inspire one to live life zestfully despite its challenges.

Front and back cover Roads

The book is now available as paperback as well as e-book on various platforms.

Below are the buying links for the same.





WordPress community has supported me even at times when I had stopped believing myself. I once again request all my readers to show their support by sharing their views, feedback and suggestions on our book ‘Roads.’

Sincere gratitude to all my fellow bloggers.

Looking forward to hear from you 🙂