I was strolling after dinner with my husband last night and we were following the walking trail within the society. It was extremely hot and humid and not a whiff of air around except on few patches. And we suddenly realized why are we going around the full path rather than just going back and forth on the patch that was airy.

There was a sudden rush of thoughts in my mind.

Isn’t it true with life too?

There are certain things that we know provide us happiness, certain people whom we look forward to meet, certain activities that we enjoy doing, certain moments that we keep chasing….

And yet, we choose to reach out to such people only if we have time;

We choose to indulge in those activities only if we can fit them in our schedule;

We prefer to give less weightage to those refreshing moments of happiness that act as a multivitamin for our emotional balance.

We continue to follow our routines, the prescribed mode of behavior even if its annoying and uncomfortable like the hot and humid walking trail, rather than walking back and forth on the airy patch- the patch of special enlivening moments of our lives!

Happiness quote
Pic Courtesy: Google

Food for thought 🙂