Faced by the challenges of the life, we often lose confidence in ourselves, trust in others and faith in the Supreme power. But the Creator of the Universe always keeps an eye on us, protects us and strengthens us in His mysterious ways. We just need to remind ourselves that He is there with us and we are not alone!



On days when I find none beside me

On days when the rays of Sun burn all my energy

On days when even cool breeze gives a blow to my spirits

I look up to you Lord and know, that I am not alone



When atrocities of the world weigh heavy on my mind

When pain of relations prevails over affection in their heart

When challenges seem incessant and insurmountable

I look up to you Almighty and know, that I am not alone



When goals seem higher than the length of time

When aspirations seem greater than the balance of life

When light of my dreams fades with clouds of obscurity

I look up to you Divine and know, that I am not alone



When my chase for happiness leads me nowhere

When my pursuit for peace wanders in worldly relations

Then my quest for self guides me to you

And I know for sure God, that I can never be alone



©Vandana Bhasin