An open letter to everyone who has touched my life in any manner.


To all those people who tried to decimate my spirits

To all those who criticized me for my actions

To all those who preferred to outline my faults

To all those who deliberately decided to not show any support

To all those who refused to applaud my feat

To all those whose motive has always been gas lighting

To all those whose words have been distressing and agonizing

To all those who inflamed my feelings of insignificance

To all those who convinced me of the impossibility of my dreams

To all those who weighed my views and opinions on the societal barometer

To all those who use derision as their weapon against me

To all those who measured the feasibility of my plans even before I initiated

To all those who abused me physically, mentally or emotionally

To all those for whom I’ve been nothing more than a piece of gossip

To all those who inadvertently or intentionally wounded my pride

To all those who have been offended by my behavior

To all those who have been biased and judgmental

To all those who have been envious of my freedom


I wish to say, that-

I forgive you

I do not hold any grudge against you

I do not wish any ill of you


For you have made me who I am today

For your mockery and decrees accentuated my performance

For your prejudice made me courageous and outspoken

For your arrogance forced me to tame anger

For you provoked me to stand for myself

For you impelled me to fight my own battles

For you enforced me to gain wisdom to judge right from wrong

For you coerced me to harness perseverance

For I have grown as an individual, in a way I couldn’t fathom


I am indebted to you for my life’s experiences

And I owe it all to you

And it’s only fair, that I forgive you!


©Vandana Bhasin


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