In a world of social media, where we have plethora of ‘friends’; where we post about our prosperous times day in and day out; where we share our smiling pictures while carefully deleting the natural, candid ones, there are times when we realize that no matter what the circumstances, no matter how many people we love, no matter how many friends care for us, we have to fight our own battles; we have to face our own challenges; we have to walk alone!



Yes alone


I wish to walk alone

I wish to be, just on my own


I can walk alone

I have confidence in myself


I want to walk alone

I want to substantiate my existence, to myself


I must walk alone

For the sake of my dreams, which are mine alone


I choose to walk alone

For I refuse to fit in your expectation of myself


I will walk alone

For I’m accountable for my life, only to myself


©Vandana Bhasin


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