We’ve all felt it, haven’t we?

At some or the other point in our life or rather, even while making weighing simple alternatives in our daily lives, we often find ourselves struggling to find answers to questions fostered by our fears.

But are these questions really worth our time? Do we truly need to drown ourselves in the ocean of our worries and apprehensions? Is it imperative for us to test ourselves on the barometer of other’s standards? Can’t we accept ourselves, just the way we are!


                                                                  Poem: Rising above fears


“Did I do that right?”

“Was I pleasant and polite?

“Hope I did not stammer”

“Am I fit for that glamour?”



“How would I confront the crowd on the stand?”

“How can I possibly riposte their demands?”

“What if my opinions aren’t welcomed outright?”

“Am I looking too fat? Is my outfit too bright?”



A novel start; a new environment;

“How would I adapt and know what each likes?”

“Would I be able to make new friends?

“Am I the right fit? Would I make the amends?”



Tomorrow is the day I waited all life,

“Oh I’m feeling so anxious; I’m completely petrified”

“Would I recall the replies at the right time?”

“Would they understand me or ridicule my choice?”



Oh this parasite of negativity,

It’s crippling all my abilities

These qualms and fears holding me at ransom,

Instigating questions, altering my reality



Why do I have to equate myself to others?

Why being “perfect” is the only priority?

Why can’t I be, just my true self?

Ain’t I unique like others in the society?



Yes I am unique and I accept myself

It’s fine to fail and learn at times

No matter how I appear or what I do today

It’s ample that I can look straight in your eyes!


©Vandana Bhasin

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