The craziness of our lives often doesn’t spare the energy to express our love and feelings to our dear ones. We continue to perform so many tasks everyday that indicate our love but does the person at the receiving end truly comprehend it 🙂

Well, I just had the inkling to apprise my husband (in my poetic way), of my small acts of love and also to assure him that I understand the connotation of his deeds as well 🙂


                                                                      Yes I know


The alarm buzzes off; I toss and turn

With half opened eyes, I peek at you

Adrift in a dream world, you composedly sleep

A gentle kiss and I let you doze in peace

I hope you know then, it means I love you



The doorbell rings; an early Sunday morning

I gently call you out while cuddled in my quilt

You gently slip out despite the winter chill

Sunday is my lazy day,” you remember even in slumber

Yes I know then, it means you love me



The pressure cooker whistles; a busy Monday morning

I take the time to cook and pack your two meals

Carefully serving cuisines per your taste and health routine

I adjust my time of yoga; my exercise regime

I trust you know then, it means I love you



My phone vibrates; daytime it is

A few hours to myself, when I write and read

This is my “Me time”; the family understands

Your calls go unanswered; home- you frantically reach to check on me

Yes I assuredly know then, it means you love me



Your phone rings to the rhythm; an official emergency

An hour of heated discussion, I see you in a quandary

A glass of hot milk, some nuts and boiled eggs,

I quietly place by your side; I listen to your intense tales of iniquity

I believe you know then, it means I love you



A new vehicle honks; a delightful evening

You surprise me with a new car; a model unexpected

Exhilarated yet apprehensive, I argue and disagree

I want you to drive the best,” you whisper in my ear

Yes I certainly know then, it means you love me



We might fall short of words; even expectations

But years of togetherness hold roots of our relation

The trust I have in you; the liberty you give me

Strengthen our bond each day; indisputably, unknowingly

Even when we don’t often say “I love you” or “Do you love me


©Vandana Bhasin