Every passing day teaches us something new.

2019 was quite an eventful year for me!

A lot happened on personal and professional front leading to tremendous learning and growth as a person.

I made a lot of new friends/ acquaintances; lost touch with a few on the way (for reasons known or unknown, within or beyond control); reconnected with old friends and strengthened some relationships while life tested a few others. I feel I matured a lot on this journey and all the bends will only enrich my repertoire of human behavior.

On the professional front, I was blessed to be awarded various literary accolades that kept motivating my pen. My biggest achievement was to be published as co-author of “Roads-A Journey with Verses” It was certainly a wonderful journey that unfolded new experiences for me.

I explored new interests by learning a new language, Urdu, that’s richer and interesting than it seems and also started painting while completing a few online courses on varied topics of interests.

While traversing many roads, I did commit a few mistakes, had some failures, weak moments, arguments, low phases but isn’t it what life is all about? I’ve learnt to keep low expectations, practice ignorance, be grateful for I have and complain less for what’s not coming my way and most essentially, stop striving for perfection 🙂 Another thing that helped me grow was to remain open to new learning and experiences.

So the year gone by had a lot in store for me and I hope that 2020 will bring new surprises for another beautiful journey and open new doors for growth and accomplishment not only for me but also for my friends and family.

While I’m not much of a “resolutions” person but this time I did list a couple of goals/ resolutions in the hope that it would be keep me on toes 🙂



New hopes to keep me going

New promises I’ve made to myself

Some wisdom from my pitfalls

Some guidelines from despair


A little sunshine I seek from Thee

A hand to pat and hold me

Relations that guide when I sway

Understand and forgive my state


Smile, I aspire to bring in their lives

Those who care as a part of my life

Knowledge, I strive to attain in coming days

Happiness, I wish to spread in every way


I wish to thank everyone who supported and showed love in any possible manner and even those fell short of words or actions to show their affection and concern.

Wishing all my blogger friends and their families a wonderful, fulfilling and fantastic New Year 2020! Wishing you all the goodness and sweet moments in the coming year and sending my love and blessings to help you be the wonderful person that you are!


Front and back cover Roads