Frank Hubeny has given the prompt at dVerse to write a soliloquy. He says:

Write a poem where you talk to yourself weighing different alternatives or where you try to find an explanation for something that doesn’t make sense or where you simply express how you feel about something. You are saying this mainly to yourself like an entry in a journal or diary. It is you whom you have to convince.  

I loved the prompt and this is what my pen spilled today 🙂


A Soliloquy- Am I alright?


A muddle;

A quandary;

A maze;

Or a jigsaw puzzle…

What do I call it?



Why do I always find myself solving it?

Why do I end up perplexed or astonished?

Is it only me?

Or does it happen with everyone?

I’d better survey and enquire with some!



Why do I want to ace at everything?

Why do I strive to learn so many things?

Why do I believe it’s always manageable?

And if I believe so (as they say, I should)

Then why am I so vexed- feels like a mess?



Is it a race against time?

Or am I competing myself?

What’s my yardstick for success?

Or is it just my ideals?

Do I even have that clarity?



What do I truly expect from life?

Why am I always introspecting?

Or should I say, evaluating?

Does anyone really care what I do or accomplish?

Then who is it that I’m slogging to prove?



Oh it must be me! Yes, it is I only!

I guess I want to believe in myself

And for that I have to prove myself

So here it is to stay

The muddle…the quandary…the maze…the puzzle!


©Vandana Bhasin

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