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It’s been ten days; I think.

I am now longing for the comfort of my room, for the scrumptious meal cooked by mom, and more than anything, for her warm hugs.

I wonder if she’s feeling the same. Would mom be missing me too?

I’ve never stayed away from her for such a long duration. Jody’s house is the only place apart from my home where I have spent a night. Mom doesn’t let me out of her sight, ever.

I don’t understand why mom chose this way of teaching me “Growing up lessons.” And more so, why didn’t she tell me about it herself? Oh, but that’s also a part of growing up lesson, that’s what Uncle John tells me.

Uncle John is nice to me. He brings delicious food for me everyday in this cave. Yesterday he got me chicken wings and chocolate cupcake. He has promised to bring me double cheese pizza today. He also plays and gossips with me for hours. How kind and loving he is!

The only thing that I do not like about him is that he keeps touching me everywhere. I mean, like…everywhere. I don’t even know what that body part is called, the area between the legs. I know he loves me but when he kisses me, I don’t feel the same way as I feel when mom kisses me. And why does he kiss me at so many places? I mean, mom only kisses me on forehead or cheeks. But he said, that’s the “Growing up lesson” that mom wanted him to teach me.

I have tremendous pain in my stomach and legs since last night. Uncle John said that he would bring some medicine today as I had similar pain most of this week. I hope he knows that I take syrup, not tablets. Ew! Tablets are so difficult to swallow.

And why do I feel so drowsy all the time? I keep sleeping for most part of the day.

I don’t know why Uncle John lies down over me. Doesn’t he understand that I’m a little six-year-old girl? How can I take his body weight? It hurts so much.

Why did mom want me to grow up so early? And why did she choose such a hideous place? When Uncle John brought me here that day, I thought it would be fun to play in a cave. He said Jody would join me soon but she hasn’t visited me even once. I am so upset with her.

Now I’m terribly missing my mom, my school and my friends.

Even Uncle John didn’t come last night. I felt so scared. I could hear whimpering of animals and weird noises all night. I just clenched the bed and tried to recall the prayers that mom has taught me. I don’t even remember when I fell asleep.

I really don’t wish to grow up any more. I want to tell mom that I didn’t like Growing up lessons. I have been insisting Uncle John to take me home but he says I need to learn more to be better than my sister (who’s all grown up!)

And I just hate this closed door. Why did they even erect a door inside the cave? I can’t even see the beautiful greens and vast blues outside.

Though there is a play station here (that’s what tempted me to this place, you know;)) but I want to play outside on the hilltop, with my friends.

Uncle John has, however, prohibited me from going out. He carefully locks the door before leaving every time. Uncle John, Judy’s father, says I should stay inside the cave as someone could abduct me.

©Vandana Bhasin


Note: Sometimes I am amazed at my writing and at other times inhale a sense of pride. But this time, I was shaken to the core when I re-read what I’ve penned down 😦


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