Lilian is hosting Tuesday Poetics at dVerse. She has asked us to write a poem that takes us inside a dream? It can be your dream or someone else’s dream. Are you sleeping in a bed during this dream? Sitting on a train dozing? Leaning up against a tree staring at the clouds? Does your dream take you beneath the seas? Into the clouds? Or maybe you’re on a stage flooded with the smoke of dry ice? Is your dream triggered by a scent? By a song? By a photo you came across? Let your imagination drift and take us with you into a dream!

Here’s a a sneak peek into my dreamland 🙂


Clouds- greyish black to pristine white,

I walk through them-


A silken white gown shaping my curves



I slowly tread on dewdrops

Afraid of taking their breath away,


To avoid waking up the sleeping stars



A rainbow is what I desire-

A palette of colours

I want some hues,

To sprinkle on the canvas of my prosaic life



Snow stairs allure

Enticing to a transcendent valley

Adorned with flora of all shades

I’m captivated by their spell



Orchids, tulips, carnations-

Smiling; infusing vigor

Unraveling the mysteries of life

Offering their colour, their fragrance, their splendour



I sit by the lake,

Gaping at the beauty

Flowing water enthusing my senses

Cold breeze tantalising my reflection



A life away from life

A dream away from reality

A world away from world

An eternal divine bliss



Orchids, tulips, carnations-

I smell as I turn on my bed

My feet are cold-

Dewdrops or snow, I wonder



A dream, was it?

I smile as I look out of window

A gush of cool wind caresses my tresses

A new dawn awaits!


©Vandana Bhasin