Bjorn is hosting Meet the Bar (MTB) challenge at dVerse today. He wants us to try using different types of alliteration,  assonance and consonance in any poem of our choice and see how we can enhance the connection between the letter used and the meaning of the poem. I have used alliteration with letter ‘w’.


World of words


Warm words-

Oh yes, we covet these all the time


Wise words-

Listen we must, yet we can’t accede too much


Wild, weird words-

Despicable these are, yet as germs all-pervading


Wounded, weary words-

A cry of the heart, echoing a state of dejection


Witty words-

A dash of humour, a streak of laughter that garnishes our life


Wry, wicked words-

Seeding diffidence; challenging opinions


Wonderful words-

Words that make us come alive, making life worthwhile


                                                ©Vandana Bhasin