As we fight COVID-19, our country is observing a curfew today across the nation. Let’s hope that the efforts of the world pave the way for a better tomorrow.


I wake up to a new day

A day we await with bated breath


Some are afraid and anxious

“I’m so scared, what will happen”


Some just irritated at the imposition

“Oh God! Not stepping out at all!”


Some still probing for a political motive behind

“Is this curfew really warranted?”


Some praising the man’s courage undefined

“Only he has guts to impose it!”


Some anticipate a longer stay indoors

“Let’s stock for a few months, honey”


Some are vying to venture outdoors

“I’m sick of this quarantine!”


Some losing balance at an emotional level

“Not sure of virus but these kids will drive me crazy!”

Some following rituals of religious nature

Singing hymns to invoke God’s vision


Some just look forward to the experience of a curfew

“After all, it’s history being written within our purview!”


But we all carry hope,

We all carry hope within our hearts


Hope that this dawn and the rays of the Sun

Bring new light when all appears overturned


Hope that we can combat the menace haunting us

And respite our lives from the constant rush


We all carry hope within our hearts

That contagion-free world, isn’t too far!



©Vandana Bhasin


birds of hope
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