NaPoWriMo is finally here! Some light amidst darkness , I must say. So, we are sharpening our pencils, cleaning our notepads and of course oiling our minds ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the prompt for Day 1 and we were also provided with a metaphor generator tool. I really had fun playing with the tool. I came up with a lot of interesting metaphors and have used about eight of them in my poem (I hope the overuse hasn’t spoiled the piece!)

Write a self-portrait poem in which you make a specific actionย a metaphor for your life โ€“ one that typically isnโ€™t done all that often, or only in specific circumstances. For example, bowling, or shopping for socks, or shoveling snow, or teaching a child to tie its shoes.



Life- A cup of coffee


A cup of coffee

Thatโ€™s what my life is


A cup of hot and strong mocha

Thatโ€™s what it felt like the other day

Itโ€™s biting hot incense

Revealing the lava inside

When someone stated,

โ€œYou are malty, steely, undisturbed, spicy, and flatโ€

โ€œI donโ€™t mind,โ€ I replied,

sipping the annoyance behind annoyed grasping



A glass of chilled frothy coffee

I prefer on hot humid days

When my senses, and my emotions,

carouse in recreation

like volcanic sea caves that have frosty fetors

I am the epitome of calmness and generosity (only those days),

A balm of words to the wounded, like the cold coffee on a hot day,

โ€œYou are the relaxation toward the gratification,โ€ they cited that day



I adjust the milk sometimes,

To clear the whiffs of vaguenesses

Add a tinge of caramel or hazelnut

To suppress corrosivenesses and perplexities

โ€œYou are the sanities outside the hopelessness,โ€ they say

As I appease the lifeโ€™s gustation

A new flavor- a new fervor; a fresh aroma- a distinct vanity, each day

Yes, a cup of coffee, thatโ€™s what my life is!



ยฉVandana Bhasin