NaPoWriMo Day 7: Today our prompt (optional, of course) is to write a poem based on a news article. I have chosen to write on the below news, that I found really interesting 🙂

Ring lost in US 47 years ago is found buried in a Finnish forest


The lost ring

lost ring


The summer of 1973,

Etched in my heart deeply

When the only mark of your love

The sapphire ring that I treasured

How I misplaced in the store

To this day, I cry to the core



Every time I touched that ring

I felt your presence with me

The love that kept me alive

A relation that was my pride

How carelessly I let it paralyze

A glory falsified



“Honey, it’s just a ring, not valuable than your tears,”

Your words always a solace, to dispel all my fears

You soon replaced the sapphire

With an exquisite wedding solitaire

Love grew leaps and bounds

Forty years, we lived abound



Forty years we spent in harmony

When angels took you on your journey

Three years since we parted ways,

Agony and pain still weighs

The solitaire- a gem of ecstasy

But blue sapphire missing the legacy



To heavens you took my love

And even from far and above

You directed the cherubs to Earth

The blue sapphire needs to be unearthed

The ring that I lost in Portland

Found its ground in the soil of Finland!



I stand overtly appalled-

At the mystery that’s unsolved

Is it a miracle or a blessing-

A ring discovered 47 years, after it went missing

I feel you caressing me in love

As I wear the blue sapphire- our symbol of love


©Vandana Bhasin