NaPoWriMo Day 9: The challenge today is to write a “concrete” poem – a poem in which the lines and words are organized to take a shape that reflects in some way the theme of the poem. This might seem like a very modernist idea, but poets have been writing concrete poems since the 1600s! Your poem can take a simple shape, like a box or ball, or maybe you’ll have fun trying something more elaborate, like this poem in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Well, I must admit that I spent more time in adjusting the words to take the requisite shape than in writing the poem 🙂 And I’m still uncertain if the shape looks like what I wanted it to be – A Heart! I do hope you’ll share your feedback in the comments 🙂


© Vandana Bhasin


Poem: Love



A   word   or   an emotion

Or a word swathed in emotions,

Memories that it unfolds,

joys and woes,

laughter and moans,

multifaceted – its artifices manifold

and yet the most cherished.

I wonder what do I love the most

or should I say whom do I love the most?

Nah! What do I love the most sounds more appealing.

Ask why?

For I can’t get into the scuffle of “What! You don’t love me?”

So let me solve the maze of what do I love the most-

splashing colors on canvas?

Or a coffee with a toast

or making sense of the shows on Netflix and Hotstar;

what about some chat with my good old pals;

or a few lazy hours in my bed.

Well, a walk on the beach also stands a good chance,

it even beats gazing stars in sky!

But is it the best? I don’t think so…

So what do I love the most, I still can’t seem to elect.

Ah! Music. Yes I love it the most and pair it with some baking.

Well no! I can see that bookshelf peeping too,

and that list of “books to be read”

above it- dangling!

Now someone please help me outta this daze!

Have you ever heard me revealing my love, my taste?

Hey wait!   I got it!

What a fool I’ve been all this while!

Love, after all, it drives one crazy

What I love the most is what I’m doing right now

Yes you’re right,

Nothing equates my love for writing,

my true passion, my only respite.

In this madness that unfolds every single day,

the tides of emotions that   forever sway,

Writing- the only love that holds me sane!

Writing –   the only love that   never   betrays

My prayer, my S O L A C E !



©Vandana Bhasin