NaPoWriMo Day11:

Our optional prompt for the day is based on the concept of the language of flowers. Have you ever heard, for example, that yellow roses stand for friendship, white roses for innocence, and red roses for love? Well, there are as many potential meanings for flowers as there are flowers. The Victorians were particularly ga-ga for giving each other bouquets that were essentially decoder-rings of meaning. For today, I challenge you to write a poem in which one or more flowers take on specific meanings. And if you’re having trouble getting started, why not take a gander at this glossary of flower meanings? (You can find a plain-text version here). Feel free to make use of these existing meanings, or make up your own.

So, as always, I ended up using a lot of flowers (16 to be precise). I’ve listed their meanings or rather significance as per Flower Glossary, below the poem, though it’s evident from the poem too 🙂 

Welcome to my little orchard of love 🙂


My Orchard of Love


Dawn awakens my orchard

With a drizzle of dew drops

Magnolia, marshmallow, venetian

I’ve planted perseverance, beneficence and beauty delicately



The crystalline droplets-

An ambrosia -a blessing from Thee

Adoring the grandeur and innocence

Of tulips and daisies



I wake up too, to a blissful day

Wrapped in the fragrance of your love,

I’m dreamy,

Or perhaps adrift in the wilderness of chrysanthemums



I tread slowly towards my garden

To devour the aroma of freshness and freedom

I gently caress the petals of Damask Rose and white oak

A moment so divine, to cherish long time



Gratitude, hope, truth and tranquility

I was nurtured to deem these above beauty

So, in a little corner where sunrays rupture

I’ve saplings of agrimony, snowdrop, nightshade and mudwort



I taste the softness of grass with my bare feet

And turn to admire the exquisiteness of double red pink

I blush, reminiscent of your ardent love as I touch its bud

And as purple lilac evokes memories of our first love



I experience prairies in my little garden

As I envision you and me in a cottage in Florence

Day seems promising as love instills hope

With my imagination and curiosity incited by Lupine and sycamore


                                                            ©Vandana Bhasin



Magnolia: Perseverance

Marshmallow: Beneficence

Venetian: Delicate Beauty

Tulip: Grandeur/ Fame

Daisy: Innocence

Chrysanthemums: Love

Damask Rose: Freshness

Wild Oak: Freedom

Agrimony: Thankfulness, gratitude

Snowdrop: Hope

Night shade: Truth

Mudwort: Tranquility

Double Red Pink: Pure and Ardent love

Purple Lilac: First emotions in love

Lupine: Imagination

Sycamore: Curiosity


P.S. I had written a poem titled “What you see in a flower” about different connotations of flowers in NaPoWriMo 2017. Do check it out too 🙂