Some days I’m not myself
but still I am there, alive

Some days I don’t feel like doing anything
but still I end up doing all the chores

Some days I don’t want to assess if everything is in order
but then I rush to the grocery store

Some days I’m not even interested in gossip
but neither do I prefer to be in the company of solitude

Some days I’m not keen to seek any answers
but still questions create a havoc in my head

Some days I don’t even feel like writing
but here I am giving words to my mind

Some days I don’t wish to worry about tomorrow
but still the anxiety becomes overwhelming

Some days, sunshine burns me, night haunts me; I look at the sky
but stars refuse to enlighten my abode

Some days I decide to light a candle- a candle of hope,
But a strong gust of wind blows out my candle

Some days this paradox of life confuses me
but I still fight for survival

That’s what is the root of problem

I want to live, not just survive
And I hope that day is not too far in sight

I light my candle of hope once again,
But this time I guard it from the wind

©Vandana Bhasin