My poem is inspired by a modern sculptor created by Bruno Catalano.

Bruno Catalano (born :-1960 – ), is a French sculptor, most renowned for creating sculptures of figures with substantial sections missing.

He has created life -size bronze sculptures, called, ‘ Les Voyageurs’ The one below is called, ‘Fragments’ and is located in Venice, Italy.


Fragments of Life

Poem: Fragments of Life



Isn’t it what our life is- fragmented?

Isn’t it what we are made of- atomized pieces?

Tiny fragments coalescing into one being

Or a life disarrayed into specks of many fragments



A new phase begins; buoyant I am, like flowers in the spring

My feet can feel the ground, that’s where I’m supposed to be

But the baggage of my past, the ignominy of my faults,

Still weighs on me; I carry this burden, wherever I go

What am I looking for? Which fragment is missing?



Balancing my feet, I rise above my fears

Still carrying the load, my search for fragments continues;

Or is it a search for myself? I fail to comprehend

But somehow I can’t spot my head; my uniqueness

Will I ever find the missing piece?



A leap of faith, I resolve to take

A swift breeze of aplomb strengthens my feet

I unravel the mystery of the world; discern its true meaning

The elements embodying me- I perceive; Yes, I now have head on my shoulders

Then why this debility- a feeling that I’m still incomplete?



Is some fragment still missing? Does it make me paraplegic?

Where would my search lead me?

Let it lead; I don’t mind the way; I’m willing to flow with the tide

My baggage of past, my paraphernalia of faults,

Is no more a baggage, but a wealth of experiences



I will not respite till I complete myself

I will unearth all my fragments- the pieces missing!



©Vandana Bhasin