Book Title: Letters from a stranger

Author: Samrudhi Dash

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 131

Availability: Amazon Kindle


“Letters from a stranger” authored by Samrudhi Dash is a fiction that revolves around the life of a young medical student.


It is said that ups and downs in a life are important to keep us going as a straight line even in an ECG means that we are not alive!


The book narrates the story of struggle and resilience in a captivating manner. Each page unfolds a different perspective to life as experienced by the protagonist Alina whose life is greatly influenced by the letters she receives from a stranger who makes her believe in her dreams and will power.


It’s a beautiful tapestry of words woven with the thread of emotions to unravel a masterpiece- the hidden treasure of tenacity in each one of us.


The nuggets of wisdom hidden in the inspiring words of the anonymous well-wisher of the protagonist are so inspiring that one would want to read those pages over and over again while relating to one’s own life.


For a girl who keeps chasing her dream of finding a cure for Emperor of Maladies, these letters became not only her guiding light but her pillars of strength when life’s challenges teamed up against her to force her to quit.


Samrudhi’s optimism towards life is reflected in the character of Alina who is not only hard working and a warrior in facing life’s fair/ unfair challenges but is also inexorable in pursuing her dreams, irrespective of the price she had to pay to see those accomplished.


The author has not only portrayed her character as a strong willed, indefatigable and indomitable woman but also handled the emotions deftly.


Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations,” is the idea brought out at each turning point of the story. And I would let you confer the same on your own by sharing a few lines from the book.


No matter how dark it gets, no matter how many doors close upon you, if you truly seek, you will always find your way, like you’ve always done”


Whenever you feel things are getting too rough, when your feet are too tired of the next steps, remind yourself of what you’ve been able to overcome.”


“Never go looking for success. Focus on your work at hand, spot your weaknesses and try to convert them into your strengths. With each passing day, try to improve yourself, not by competing with others, but by setting your own personal benchmark. And always remember, in this journey of life, you are always a work in progress. Make sure that your efforts today will culminate in a final masterpiece in the future.”


Dash mentions that “Hope, Live, Believe” are her signature words and I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that her writing is a true reflection of her beliefs.


A must read indeed!