Life seems slipping away

Bit by bit,

Day by day


I seem to have no control, whatsoever,

Over things happening with me or around,

Was I ever in control earlier, I’m truly not sure


A strange sense of fear envelops me everyday,

Is it anxiety of being alive, or the fear of death,

The afflictions of deadly life or the life after death, I ponder


Like a warrior, I step out each day

Recuperating myself with enlightening words

Amidst an aura of darkness, where I breathe every moment


Living never weighed so heavily,

As it does these days,

I sigh, trampling under the load of life


But life inside me refuses to submit-

I still have desires, an aspiration to live,

And an urge to attain my dreams


Life seems to have skewed in entirety

A war or a battlefield, it resembles these days

But wars do come to an end, I’ve read…


I hope this one shall terminate soon too,

For the grains of life are slipping away

Bit by bit, day by day!


©Vandana Bhasin