The path you’re traversing,

I know it isn’t so tranquil

But have no regrets my dear,

For the path forsaken, for the road not taken



Trust your wisdom and believe your vigor

For the ordeals and obstacles, you encounter on this path

Are designed to make you potent,

No matter how smooth, appears the road not taken



That distant, enchanting path that allures your heart

Remember, it may pose its own uncanny tussles,

To test your verve, to gauge your balance

Pitfalls that aren’t visible, on the road not taken



Fatigued, anxious and distraught you may’ve been

Laden with thorns, this road may seem

But flora that embellishes the road not taken

Could be the disguise for bushes with spines



The journey of life, is rife with roads

To experience one path, we relinquish other ways

For the road you’ve taken, is where you were meant to be

So live unremorseful, of uncharted roads not taken


©Vandana Bhasin






















To test your knowledge and your skill

To take care of the world shaken

To test the thoughts deep inside

Failure is success in a way, remember it in the road you take