A name, isn’t essential,

No rules, no rituals, no customs,

Emotions, its only periphery,

No dimensions define true love



Love was an uncharted terrain,

Until you came by,

Immersing me in ocean of your love

Enveloping all waves of my emotions



Accepting me, the way I am- a solitary reaper,

With all my faults,

With no anticipation of perfection

Your love was pure- an eternal benediction



Your eyes narrate the tale of heart

Your voice reiterates, the highs and lows

No words warranted for expressing emotions

Your touch reverberates the quantum of love



My heart now waltz to a different cadence

My soul smiles as it embraces its mate

For it knows you are there to hold its hand

It isn’t afraid anymore, to falter or fail


©Vandana Bhasin