A few kind words, was all he needed,”

Exclaimed the doctor, as his patient breathed his last



Have we become so inhumane?

“Are we so insensitive,” My mind promptly asked



Lost in labyrinth of my life,

Was I concerned about other’s life? I mused



Not everyone needs a share of our wealth

All someone might expect- a few kind words



The wounds and scars- time may heal

What can nurse right now, it’s our empathy



Life’s a struggle- for me as well for them

Waves that drowned my boat, could’ve sunk their ship too



Our words might mean a world to someone

Our generosity may lift someone’s fragmented spirits



Racing with time, we drifted from our core

Gratitude, sympathy, benevolence- swapped with avarice



I know it’s too late, but still there’s hope and time,

To rise above own worries and understand others’ grieves



Care and concern can transform someone’s life

Compassion- the only way to express gratitude to Him!


©Vandana Bhasin