Year 2020 was challenging in more ways than we had expected it to be.

Unprecedented events, uncertain environment and clouds of fear engulfed us throughout the year. Sanitization, quarantine, lockdown, masks and social distancing, became our new normal. 

It was a year of survival, a year of setbacks, a year of fatalities on every front- physical health, emotional health, relationships, finances and education.

But it was also a year of learning, a year of resilience, a year that tested relationships, a year to explore oneself and one’s passions, a year to know our grit and perseverance, a year to introspect ourselves.

We stretched ourselves beyond the expected limits, turning more resourceful than we considered ourselves to be. We were faced with new issues like all members working from home, schooling at home, managing without house help, online shopping of all home essential and non-essential needs, as we stayed caged inside our homes.

We were tested on several parameters; some of us even lost our near and dear ones, leaving a vacuum in our lives.

The basic gestures of expressing love- hugs, kisses and personal meetings, were made to change. Now we express our love by staying away!

Just a tiny microorganism coerced us to change our ways, our lifestyle, our perceptions and our state of mind!

That’s how powerful 2020 turned out to be!

2020 was an exam,

That we were forced to write,

Without any caution and preparation,

We were tested from all sides

The exam still continues,

It’s still challenging our plight,

With bated breath and hopes high,

We wish for its impact to subside

We step into 2021 wiser, resilient, ingenious and grateful than ever. We’ve learnt the value of relationships, the significance of health, our responsibility towards society and the need to truly live our lives.

We need to invest in the wealth of experiences by cherishing every moment that life has offered us- the beauty of sunrise, the magnificence of ocean, the glitterati of night or the laughter of children.

We must continue to dream and to aspire to reach new highs.

We still shall be progressive and look forward with optimism that we shall recover or mitigate the losses that we suffered in the fateful year gone by.

A new dawn awaits us,

To follow the rays of the Sun

To step ahead with hope in eyes

And a heart filled with love and smile

A streak of courage to keep us going

New promises we’ve made to self

Some wisdom from pitfalls

Some guidelines from despair

A little sunshine we seek from Thee

A hand to embrace and hold

Relations that guide when we sway

Cheer, grasp and support

Bliss, we aspire to bring in the lives

Of those who care as their own

Peace, we strive to attain in the days

Happiness, we wish to spread in every way

Dear 2021, we pray to you

To fill our days with sunshine

And warmth in the air around 

Let our dreams drive our passion

And hope be our ground

Let learning from the past,

Guide and design our vision

Let perseverance be our strength 

And our hearts filled with gratitude

         Dear 2021,

We’ve placed our trust in you,

Don’t follow your predecessor,

We’ve endured enough in its reins, 

We see you as our savior, we truly believe in you!

©Vandana Bhasin