I followed the prompt given by Artoonsinn Poetry Parlour for today. It requires us to write a poem on the theme “spotlight.”

Poem: The Spotlight Effect

The glitz and glamour

Of the virtual and social life

The number of ‘comments’

The spike in ‘likes’

A gradual trap into the ‘spotlight’

A kind of sanction,

Endorsement of our life

Does the world really approve,

my status, my lifestyle?

Is my life considered worthwhile?

The ‘spotlight effect,’

We all are suffering from,

“All eyes on me,”

Is the mantra, the new regime,

Is it truly significant or worth our time?

The challenges of living, the multitude of tasks

The thousands role I play, without an applause

Still I survive,

And yes, I still smile

Isn’t it enough to draw the spotlight?

The stage soon gets abandoned

The spotlight fades one day

The moment the character loses focus

The minute we fail one act

There’s a new face to replace

I’m the star of my own life

I don’t need to feign or be in limelight

I can illuminate the stage

With my head held high,

For I know, I have to be my own spotlight

©Vandana Bhasin